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The Lower 9th Ward Village is currently unable to turn on the lights and keep the doors unlocked for our community members!

The Village has come a long way from a mere vision to help those in need to where it is today.  Unfortunately. The Village is at risk of closing down permanently.  What used to be a community hub for youth, adults, and elderly to rebuild together, now stands as an empty building.  Your support is greatly needed at this time.

Our Top Priorities:

1.)   We need to get the lights back on.  $1200

2.)   We need to get the building up to code. $27-30,000

Items Cost Notes
Electricity Bill $1,200 To get lights back on
Sewage and Water Bill $5,000
Getting Building Up to Code $27,000 – 28,000 Estimate from M&M electric company
Video Camcorder + Tripod $3,000 For Bringing Back Our Community Interview Project

If you would like to donate, please use the donation tool to the right!  Or if you would like to contribute in other ways, please check out our Bricks of the Village or Banner Sponsorship pages!  Thank you!

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