We need volunteers of every stripe and skill set, for every conceivable length of time, from one day to “lifers”.

Volunteer Working Hard!

Map-makers, contractors, database creators, literacy advocates, policy mavens, roof-patchers, hammer-swingers, electricians, librarians … you name it. Come on down!

Here at the Lower Ninth Ward Village, we provide and supervise work for volunteers. We can also provide housing for volunteers, tours of the Lower Ninth Ward, and our Founder/Executive Director, Ward “Mack” McClendon, gives speeches and seminars about the true history of the Lower Ninth Ward. All of these services come with a minimal fee.

Tours: Tours of the community expose the post-Katrina condition of the Lower 9th Ward to visitors. “Seeing is believing” is a true saying. Tours of the community, led by Executive Director Mack McClendon with visits to other locations throughout the community will expose the condition of the Lower 9th Ward to as many as possible. Tours are given not only of the most devastated areas of the community, but also to places that show the contrast for what the government does for itself (Jackson Barracks) and what the government does(or doesn’t d0) for the people (blighted houses and overgrown lots).

Howard University on a Tour of the Lower Ninth Ward

Tour participants get an experience that gives them first-hand knowledge of the Lower 9th Ward and they are inspired to go home and talk about their experience to their communities and get the truth out through word-of-mouth and be motivated to work within the Lower 9th Ward community.

Why we charge?

The staff at the the Lower Ninth Ward Village is a very dedicated group of people that works over 40 hours a week, but since the organization’s inception, they have never been paid. Our building expenses have also become very costly; it is becoming more and more difficult to mantain the Lower Ninth Ward Village and provide all of our services to volunteers and the community without generating any money. We are asking groups to provide a minimal fee for services so that the Lower Ninth Ward Village can continue to strengthing the community and help rebuild the Lower Ninth Ward.

Lower Ninth Ward Village’s Services and Fees

Day of Service (paid by the organization): $20 donation per person
One Night of Housing for Volunteers: $30 donation per person
Speeches & Seminars (paid by the organization): Contact us for honorarium fee
Lower Ninth Ward Tour: $35 donation per person

Email us with any volunteer questions at lower9thwardvillage@gmail.com

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