Village Kickstarter Campaign

Lower 9th Ward Village – WE NEED YOUR HELP!

MackCurrently, we have launched a kickstarter to help save the Village!  Your funding will go to saving the building from foreclosure. Without your support, the Lower 9th Ward Village would have never become a reality. That building would have remained abandoned and unable to do any of the work that the center has done for this community. The Lower 9th Ward Village is a vital resource for community members especially with regards to at-risk populations: the youth, elderly, and the working class. It serves as creative space for these individuals to build up resources for themselves and to strive toward a self-sufficient community. The Village is an important medium for community members to acquire resources such as access to information and local news and actions, help the elderly with daily tasks, youth summer camps, and open mic nights to encourage creative self expression. acquire such resources.

Donations exceeding our goal will allow us to not only pay off the building but also get the center up to code and gather the start-up capital to implement other arts-based programs such as a recording studio, commercial kitchen, and library and digital arts lab.

For more information, check out our Kickstarter page here!

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