Piano Shop

Piano Shop at the Lower 9th Ward Village

Thanks to our resident Piano Technician, Marty L., piano work is one of the many things we do here at The Village. We work mainly from donations donated from the kind hearts of people that have an old, un-playable pianos they don’t use anymore. Marty takes them under his wing.

He invites customers who have an interest of purchacing a piano into The Village to see the available pianos people have donated. When a specific piano speaks to a customer, he starts his magic and does whatever needs to be done to get them breathing again. This includes everything from stripping, sanding, re-finishing the wood, redoing keys, rough and fine tuning, regulating, voicing, replacing hammers, shanks, dampers, and much more.

When fininshed, the customer (who might be anyone from a 9 year old just learning or an adult in need of that musical spark in their life) has a better than new, singing beautifully piano. Complete with the history and character you won’t find from a store.

Marty has years and years of experience and was taught by the previous Village Piano Technician, Peter Spring (founder of the Steven Spring Foundation). Peter came to the Lower 9th Ward after Katrina hit with nothing but a truck full of pianos and a mission to start getting playable pianos back into the community. Peter eventually returned to his home in the North West and now Marty, equipped and well trained, has taken over.

Tuning & regulation

Piano moving & donation take-away

Full restoration of old pianos

Teaching & apprenticeship programs

Call Marty (504) 818-8749
Call Office 504-302-1920

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