The Lower 9th Ward Village now offers affordable housing for visiting groups and volunteers!

For larger groups, or when the bunk house is full, we also have larger rooms equipped with cots, bringing our total volunteer housing capacity to 83. A front lounge area multiple seating and activities areas is available. The Village is centrally located within the Lower 9th Ward community and is in walking distance to the Mississippi River and levee trail.

Visiting groups are encouraged to participate in various activties that take place at the Village. Our bi-monthly open-mic night has been of special interest to previous groups. Cost of housing is set at $30 a night, per person. This money is used to maintain the Village building as well as fund some community programming. An upfront deposit of 1/3 of the total housing cost is needed to secure requested dates with the remainder paid on, or before, arrival.

The Lower 9th Ward Village is also able to coordinate volunteer projects for interested groups. Projects will be created in accordance with community needs, Village needs, and volunteer skill sets and interests. If a group has a potential project in mind, such as an art or construction project, we encourage groups to brainstorm and raise funds for the proposed project before arrival in order to make the most efficient use of your groups time and resources. Groups are also welcome to volunteer with other organizations while staying at the Village, or to volunteer with the Village while being housed at other locations.

In addition to housing and volunteer projects, the Lower 9th Ward Village offers the unique opportunity of being part of the enriching Lower 9th Ward community and our center’s efforts to serve this community to our greatest capacity. The Lower 9th Ward Village welcomes all and any peoples who share our vision of a vibrant and fully serviced Lower 9th Ward.

If you wish to contact the Village about housing please call us at 504-302-1920

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