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See all of the Programs & Services that The Lower Ninth Ward Village offers.

Enforcing the mission of the organization, the Lower 9th Ward Village will serve as a hub for the community, providing some of the essential resources, through the programs and services that the community needs to survive and flourish on its own.  This programs and services allow the Lower Ninth Ward Village to be a community resource center include:

  • “Where’s Your Neighbor?” A five prong initiative to build and maintain a self-sustaining community after disaster.
  • Documentation of Resident Stories: Through interviews recorded on video and audio, the Village aims to create a collection of stories told by residents about their experiences during and after Hurricane Katrina. These stories will be transcribed and documented for research and for media purposes
  • Community Organizing & Advocacy:  Residents of the Lower 9th Ward can gather at the Lower 9th Ward Village through town hall meetings to voice their needs to and assemble to advocate for rights.
  • Community Contractor’s Hub: The Lower 9th Ward Village will serve as the liaison between members of the community and contractors willing to aid in the rebuilding process ensuring payment, completion and quality work.
  • Lot Clearing: Village staff and volunteers clean and cut tall grass on Katrina affected properties. Furthermore, clearing lots diminishes habitats for rodents and poisonous snakes, thus protecting residents (primarily children) from those dangers. Since the grass can grow very tall in a short period of time, it is essential to maintain the lots bi-weekly. The city will charge fines of $400 to $600 a day for grass that grows above 18 inches, and if displaced property owners are unable to pay or to clear the lot, they lose the property to the city.
  • Furniture Restoration Shop: In conjunction with a Lower 9th Ward seamstress, the Village restores old furniture.
  • Agriculture: Crops such as squash, turnip greens, Crowder peas, corn, red beans, snap beans, butter beans, and watermelon acquired from a farm in rural Louisiana(courtesy of Mr. Richard Johnson and the Johnson Family Rodeo Pen) will be sold to the community. Also, residents will have an opportunity to rent stalls and sell their food products. There will also be bartering days during which residents will trade their food products at their own discretion. The Hope Garden at the Lower 9th Ward Village is available to teach youth about growing food and agriculture.
  • Computer Center: A free computer lab with internet for adults and youth to complete research, search for jobs, complete homework, etc. will be available. This center can also be used to technologically facilitate communication between displaced families at distant locations.
  • Recreation: A gym and basketball court enables reaction and allows for the enhancement of community fitness.
  • Health Education: In conjunction with the agricultural, nutritional and physical component, the Lower Ninth Ward Village will eventually provide health education services in hopes to eliminate health disparities and promote community wellness.

Volunteer Coordinating Center
Volunteers from around the world come to the Lower 9th Ward for experiential immersion in sustainable community rebuilding. The Lower 9th Ward Village will serve as the coordinator for these volunteer efforts by providing service projects, housing, and tours for these volunteers at a minimal fee necessary to maintain the Village.  See our Volunteer Page for more information on how to get involved.

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