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Lower Ninth Ward Village
The Lower Ninth Ward Village is a 501(c)3 in the Lower Ninth Ward that serves as a hub where all community members can access or create essential resources to empower themselves, be self-sufficient, become whole after Katrina and beyond, and sustain an equitable quality of life.

Greetings Friends and Neighbors!
As you can see, changes are occuring at the Lower Ninth Ward Village! Progress is being made to make the Village a fully operational community hub. Take a look at our website to see what we are doing in the Lower Ninth Ward and what you can do!

Lower 9th Ward Village – WE NEED YOUR HELP!


Dear Supporters,

We want to thank you for all of the generous contributions of your time and resources to the success of the Lower Ninth Ward Village. The Village has come a long way from a mere vision to help those in need to where it is today. Unfortunately, the Village is at risk of closing down permanently. What used to be a community hub for youth, adults, and elderly to rebuild together, now stands as an empty building. Your support is greatly needed at this time.

In 2012, Mountain Dew agreed to build a skate park to serve as 30% of the community center’s operations. The original plan was to build this skate park for the youth in the Lower Ninth Ward where Glu Agency (Mountain Dew’s public relations agency) contracted to pay off the center’s mortgage and help insure the building.

Unfortunately, after building the skate park, Glu Agency, left our community center unfinished: they never finished the electrical wiring. The Village must bring the entire electrical system up to code (45) as mandated by the City, or the Electric Meter will be revoked. As of current, the lights are cut off due to lack of monetary support. What was believed to be the solution for finally providing a safe space for the youth has halted our abilities to combat the issues within our neighborhood.

The community suffers the most from this unfinished business. Since the Village has been closed, the community has lost 3 young people that used to frequent the Village often. Could their lives been saved? No one can be sure, but the Village provided an invaluable space for the youth of this community.

Since 2007, we had accomplished many achievements. Over 50,000 volunteers worked alongside with the community; we hosted community trips for youth to visit Mr. Johnson’s ranch where they had the opportunity to ride horses (sometimes for the first time ever) and learn more about where their food comes from. Most importantly, the Village organized town hall meetings providing a place for community members to voice their concerns and mobilize toward solutions. These town hall meetings are crucial because it serves as one of the few spaces that include the entire community. The goal for the Village is to become a hub not just for the residents of the Lower 9th Ward but to serve as a blueprint for how communities can be served much faster and more adequately after a disaster. 8 years after Hurricane Katrina, our community is still not back.

Please check out our donate page, our news post, or contact us for ways to get involved.

Ward “Mack” McClendon Executive Director

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